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the edit 8

our curator’s current picks

we love to live authentically and ‘in the moment.’
we are so passionate about giving and sharing these beautiful lifestyle moments with others. The ‘Edit 8’ is everything we love for the season and hope you share with others.

All our love,

Holly Addi and Heidi Jube

NO. 1

Jacqueline Rose Bundle

Fresh cut garden roses straight from the farm. Color variations of Pink could differ per bundle.

Roses will ship overnight on the first and third thursday of every month.

NO. 2

Cashmere Lounge Set

Lightweight and breathable, this 100% cashmere set is ideal for lounging, errand runs, and pretty much anything else on your list. Two-ply cashmere gives this relaxed short and tank a durable yet airy knit that’s suitable for year-round wear — with the luxurious softness you expect from premium cashmere.

NO. 3

Sandstone Homecourt Vessel Candle

The Mandarin Basile Candle is a preorder item.

A clean-burning, lushly fragranced candle designed to enhance the ambiance of any space in the home. Each candle is hand-poured into our kiln-fired ceramic vessels. Experience 60 hours of burn time and industry-leading fragrance throw.

Soy wax blend to extend burn time
Organic cotton wick

Directions: Trim wick to ¼ inch prior to every lighting. Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool. Burn on flat, stable, fireproof surface–and always within sight. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Container will be hot when candle is lit. Stop burning candle when ½ inch of unmelted wax remains. Always remove wick debris before relighting, and keep burning wick away from container. 

Size: 8 oz / 226 g

Burn Time: 60 hours

NO . 4

14k Solid Gold Diamond Solitaire Bracelet

Designed to catch the light and captivate, the 14k Solid Gold Diamond Solitaire Bracelet is the obvious choice for an everyday bracelet. This essential style can be worn alone or layered with other pieces.

NO . 5

Muslin Cotton Kimono

Relax in unparalleled comfort and style. Experience the ultimate in lounging luxury with this sumptuous robe, expertly crafted from the finest 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. Its soft, lightweight 4-ply gauze fabric is perfect for any relaxed setting. With a relaxed fit and snug waist tie, it offers both comfort and a chic silhouette. Plus, it features two convenient side pockets for your essentials. Whether it’s a quiet morning at home or a comfortable evening in, this kimono is the perfect blend of luxury and practicality.”
  • 100% Turkish Cotton: Ultra-soft and durable.
  • 4-Ply Gauze: Light and airy.
  • Relaxed Fit: Comfortably chic.
  • Side Pockets: Added convenience.

NO. 6

Paperclip Chain Bracelet

Simple but striking. Quaint and quintessential. Vintage look with a modern feel.

NO . 7

Homecourt Trio Set

The Deluxe Trio contains our Candle, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Yamazaki Home Steel Tray, Candle Wick Trimmer & Snuffer for ultimate indulgence.

Our Candles are clean-burning, lushly scented, and designed to enhance any space in the home. Each candle is hand-poured into custom kiln-dried clay vessels. Featuring 60 hours of burn time and industry-leading fragrance throw.

Our Hand Wash and Hand Cream are designed to work in tandem to cleanse and nourish without stripping moisture for restored, silky soft hands.

Yamazaki Home Steel Tray– a Japanese crafted, powder coated steel tray that is water and rust resistant, with silicone cushions on the bottom to protect surfaces. A sleek finish that securely holds your Homecourt essentials in place. Tray measures 3.94 x 8.66 x 0.59 inches.

Candle Wick Trimmer– simplifies candle maintenance by trimming wicks to the optimal length, reducing soot and prolonging the life of your Homecourt candles.

Candle Snuffer– effortlessly extinguishes candle flame, minimizing smoke while protecting the wick and wax.

NO . 8

Cloud Muslin Throw

Lovers of style and softness, unite. This delicious throw features lightweight Muslin cotton on one side and our signature Snug fabric on the other. As airy and breathable as it is soft and oversized, embrace that freshly wrinkled look and fringed edge.

  • Lightweight Muslin cotton on one side
  • Signature Snug fabric on the other
  • Machine washable
  • OEKO-TEX® certified

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