Homecourt Trio Set


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The Deluxe Trio contains our Candle, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Yamazaki Home Steel Tray, Candle Wick Trimmer & Snuffer for ultimate indulgence.

Our Candles are clean-burning, lushly scented, and designed to enhance any space in the home. Each candle is hand-poured into custom kiln-dried clay vessels. Featuring 60 hours of burn time and industry-leading fragrance throw.

Our Hand Wash and Hand Cream are designed to work in tandem to cleanse and nourish without stripping moisture for restored, silky soft hands.

Yamazaki Home Steel Tray– a Japanese crafted, powder coated steel tray that is water and rust resistant, with silicone cushions on the bottom to protect surfaces. A sleek finish that securely holds your Homecourt essentials in place. Tray measures 3.94 x 8.66 x 0.59 inches.

Candle Wick Trimmer– simplifies candle maintenance by trimming wicks to the optimal length, reducing soot and prolonging the life of your Homecourt candles.

Candle Snuffer– effortlessly extinguishes candle flame, minimizing smoke while protecting the wick and wax.