Employee Recognition Program

‘everyone working together wins.’

our employee retention gifts

with The finest taste

We’ll get straight to the point: It takes a team to build an empire.

recognition programs improve  employee experience and increase loyalty & engagement. This means happier and more productive employees.  

Colectif can help you with a recognition experience from the old less personal gifts that end up in the closet

to a refined + curated gift – each month (or each season.)

our menu defines each monthly gift sent to their personal location with a hand written card expressing the continued gratitude.   a more meaningful approach that says ‘thank you’ for the long invested hours, and for caring.

When employees feel recognized they will create 100% better work and there is a stronger sense of loyalty and community within the company. We make sure you foster the thank you and recognition throughout the year.

make them feel special and we will take care of the details.


monthly & seasonal